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Datashield Site Map


This Site Map was created as an overview and to help you navigate the Online Secure Backups and FTP Storage Website.
Should you have additional questions or concerns, Please Contact Us at Datashield


Datashield Products

  • Home Page
    You have arrived here at looking for Backup to secure and prevent the loss of your critical data. Welcome, you are in good hands.
  • Products
    Where to go to learn more about all Datashield has to offer.
  • Pricing (and Ordering)
    See our competitive prices and order Datashield products conveniently online.

Datashield Support

  • Client Login
    Where Datashield Clients log in to access their account.
  • Clients Support Ticket
    Where our clients can fill in a support ticket which will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Contact Us
    How to contact a Datashield Representative.
  • Datashield User Guide
    A comprehensive document prepared by the Team on how to use our Backup and FTP Storage Products.
  • Live Chat
    Datashield Live Online Support Chat
  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions about our secure offsite Backups and FTP Storage.
    Coming Soon!

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More of Datashield

  • Site Map
    You are here, looking for computer backup, let us help.
  • Company
    Information about who we are and what we can do for you.
  • Privacy Policy
    How your privacy is important to us and which steps we have taken to preserve it.
  • Terms of Use
    The Terms of Service of this website.
  • Fast Facts and Statistics
    Important information from various reliable sources about Data Backup and lost valuable data.
  • News
    A play by play on how our company is growing.
  • Security
    Explains which steps Datashield has taken to protect your valuable information.
  • Business Compliance
    Shows how Datashield`s thrives to be Business Compliant.
  • Moving?
    Add Datashield Backup and FTP Storage Products to your moving list.

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