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Store your pictures, videos, music and other

important files with us until you arrive safely!

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Store Your Important Files with Datashield Backups.

Why Take Chances?







Prevent the loss of your valuable family pictures, videos, emails, email contacts!


Moving is a stressful event and even with the utmost care and handling accidents still happen. Computers, hard drives, DVD's, tapes, can easily be damaged, lost or stolen. Why take a your Data with us until you arrive safely at your destination.

Backing up your irreplaceable files with Datashield Backup is easy!

Simply purchase the plan size required, install the software and let our wizard detect your most common files. If your computer doesn't arrive when you do...simply logon to your secure account from any internet connected computer and download your files. It's that easy!

Knowing your valuable files are safe with Datashield Backups leaves one less thing to worry about during a move.

Call us today at 604 992 8324 and get true peace of mind for a very reasonable cost!

Datashield offers two ideal Backup plans to choose from. Read more about them here:

1- Datashield Backup - Basic

2- Datashield Backup - Professional
     (for higher security)

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Store Your Data With Us While You Move Why Online Backup?
Datashield is Business Compliant


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