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Datashield Storage - FTP Hosting Plans                        1000 MB from $49.95 Per Month ( Hosting Plans Details)

Datashield's FTP Stotage Plans

Designed for data storage of any size, our plans are flexible and can easily adapt to your changing needs.
FTP storage plans are designed for:
  • Online Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing
  • Backup for Businesses
  • Backup for Client Networks of any size

Datashield utilizes an extensive intercontinental internal network backbone to provide the fastest data transfer available.
Our Internal nodes are located in:

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • New York
  • Montreal
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • London (UK), as well as other international locations.
We do not set limitations on data transfer speeds.
Using this internal backbone, Datashield offers a 500+ kilometre offsite disaster recovery service.

With Datashield FTP Hosting Plans you can create private or public storage accessible by browser or ftp client. Store your users commonly accessed files in a public portall and/or keep your corporate data private by allowing password access only.

Datashield's Base FTP Storage Plan includes:

1000 MB of FTP Hosting Space.
10 extra FTP Accounts.
Unlimited Transfers.
All for a low monthly fee of $48.69 per month.

Please note that Datashield FTP Hosting Plans include secure (password) access only. If you require public (anonymous access) there is an additional fee of $21.00 per month.

Contact Datashield for additional information on our FTP Hosting Plans.


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